teeth grinding or teeth chattering?

Please feel free to ask advice on health issues, but remember, this is not a substitute for taking your rabbit to the vets if it is sick.
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teeth grinding or teeth chattering?

Postby sdf76 » 23 Jul 2012 10:55

Usually teeth grindingin rabbits is a sign of pain or being very cross
- teeth chattering,is what they do when really REALLY happy. :)

It is difficult to tell the difference between the two sounds, but you will see from the rabbit's other behaviour- if the rabbit is running around and eating well then you have been honoured by teeth chattering. :)
Teeth grinding (in my bunnies) is usually a deeper slower sound whereas (in my bunnies) teeth chattering is a faster higher sound. Hard to describe on here and other bunnies may be different.
A rabbit in pain will usually hunch up and sit still, though they can suddenly drop on their side to relieve a bout of colic.

teeth chattering usually only happens when you are grooming the rabbit and will stop when you stop
teeth grinding will continue off and on no matter whether you groom them or not.

I just thought I would say for any new members.
(I am not a vet nor had any veterinary training , this is just my personal experience).
sue :)

What are other member's experiences of teeth grinding or teeth chattering?.

I may be lucky enough to get a video of teeth chattering this weekend when Coco comes back to see me?
Image Coco my 13yr old (bridge) bunny

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Re: teeth grinding or teeth chattering?

Postby kermit » 23 Jul 2012 12:16

Some bunnies even Chatter their teeth when they are snuggling down for a sleep, usually in the 'loaf of bread' pose :). My Herbie does it all the time!
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Re: teeth grinding or teeth chattering?

Postby Foofy » 23 Jul 2012 18:26

I agree with you Sue, my rabbits only teeth purr/chatter when I'm rubbing behind their ears, if I stop doing it they stop purring!

When Peter was poorly last week he was tooth grinding due to being in pain, due to his tummy troubles, this grinding was louder and he was just doing it while he was sitting in his hutch and whilst he was at the vets.

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