Furry friends that have passed.
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Postby bunlover » 20 Dec 2015 17:43

My beautiful girl had to be helped to rainbow bridge today. She was originally a rescue rabbit from Windwhistle Warren. Her sister and her were dumped in a cardboard box and were the most emaciated rabbits the rescue had ever known and even their top rabbit vet didnt expect them to make the night. But they proved everyone wrong and with time became curious bunnies. Neither very partial to humans but i can quite understand why. When my boy Arthur lost his wife Dora we rang Alice and ended up after one failed bond with Santi and Minty. Minty was very clever and mischevious she could open doors if they werent locked and would hold the carrier door shut with her teeth to save her pals going in too so always had to go in last. She would binky higher than any rabbit i knew and was always purest white fluffy and clean. She used to bite me if i tried to stroke or pick her up but decided my 2 yr old and his bananas were her friend and would happily let him give her a pat and a bit of banana or apple slice. She loved her friends Arth and Santi and snuggled up with them lots. She always found patches of mud to lie on where ever and if there wasnt would dig and make one! She sadly got diagnosed with spondolysis and then was doing ok on high metacam till she slipped a disc on her rear good side thus losing rear end mobility. Then sadly last night i found her front paw which had a small pressure sore on had become an infected abcess. Its been one thing after another poor girl includin eye and ear infections and also 2 siezures and we decided that it was kinder to let you go. We will miss you. I only really ever had cuddles on your terms but you were kind and sweet and lovely. Binky free at the bridge my Minty moo xxx

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Re: minty

Postby sdf76 » 20 Dec 2015 18:07

Some pics of Minty -( the failed bond with Arthur was with another girl bunny; Santi & Minty bonded with him well) Minty was always the first one to go outside sometimes squeezing past Arthur through the hatch as he wasn't going quick enough for her, in her keeness for the garden. @};- She would run sooo fast then binky much higher than the others- I have even seen her binky over Arthurs head! She was always digging burrows then lying in the mud trail but despite that she cleaned herself up to sparkling white. She enjoyed grooming Santi and Arthur and being groomed by them.I know bunlover is heartbroken =(( - but we all agreed we had to let Minty go :( .. I was there with her so know it was swift and painless. Minty was always camera shy and often ran off before you could take a pic- but here are some of my favourites...
Binky free beautiful girl. x

Minty this summer

Minty tidying the patio

Minty under chair near the apple tree

Minty with Santi and Arthur in pots

Minty with Santi more recently
Image Coco my 13yr old (bridge) bunny

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Re: minty

Postby RabbitResidenceEllen » 21 Dec 2015 00:46

I'm very sorry :( I lost my beloved first rabbit to spondylosis so I know the whole thing of deterioration and the distressing final stages, for both bun and human. Minty was a beautiful girl. I love the photo of them all in pots :)

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Re: minty

Postby Hunnybunny2007 » 21 Dec 2015 07:27

I'm so sorry to hear that Minty has passed to Rainbow Bridge, she was a very lucky girl to have found not one but two families who were devoted to her x
Thinking of you both as I know how heartbroken you must be =(( =((

The photos show a beautiful contented bunny :) Binky free Minty x

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Re: minty

Postby Foofy » 21 Dec 2015 12:36

Aww so sorry to hear about Minty, binky free at the Rainbow bridge pretty girl :x :x
She was so lucky to have 2 wonderful families, thinking of you all xx

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Re: minty

Postby Apache » 22 Dec 2015 11:21

So sorry to hear this RIP Minty x

Thank you for sharing such lovely photos of a beautiful lady.

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