critical care new flavour

Please feel free to ask advice on health issues, but remember, this is not a substitute for taking your rabbit to the vets if it is sick.
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critical care new flavour

Postby bunlover » 19 Oct 2014 08:11

Just to let you all know there is now an apple and banana flavour critical care its on eBay at 22 pounds a pack or on amazon at about 18 pounds last I saw.haven't tried it but might be useful to know x

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Re: critical care new flavour

Postby Hunnybunny2007 » 19 Oct 2014 08:14

I'm sure mine would prefer the flavoured :)

mini lop1
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Re: critical care new flavour

Postby mini lop1 » 29 Nov 2014 18:23

oh yes sounds like it would help get appetites back of buns unwilling to eat

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