critical care fine grind

Please feel free to ask advice on health issues, but remember, this is not a substitute for taking your rabbit to the vets if it is sick.
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critical care fine grind

Postby susie bun » 07 Feb 2013 22:14

The vet gave me this for Spenser. Apparently it is different from the critical care given to a bun that has stopped eating, and will help his sluggish gut. He will not have anything to do with it unless I put a little on a crunchie. Even with this, he takes very little as he usually drops the crunchie goo-side down on his fleece before eating it.

I wonder if it really worth persevering with this. He is still eating a pooing reasonably well by his standards, but I have seen better output even from him.
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Re: critical care fine grind

Postby sdf76 » 09 Jul 2013 09:02

I know Spenser recovered and is now well :) but have you ever tried syringe feeding it to him?
I have always done it that way to be sure the bunny takes it.
The fine critical care is dearer but much easier to syringe than the cheaper coarser one. :)
I never use the big fat syringe you're supposed to use because the end nozzle is no bigger. I just use a small 1ml syringe and we just keep going as long as we can 1ml at a time.
I think our bunnies prefer it that way, as the big syringe seems to squash against their face and be more intrusive than the little syringe. I just keep drawing it up from a bowl next to me.
sue :)
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