foods to stimulate a sluggish gut?

Please feel free to ask advice on health issues, but remember, this is not a substitute for taking your rabbit to the vets if it is sick.
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Re: foods to stimulate a sluggish gut?

Postby susie bun » 01 Feb 2013 21:29

Apache wrote:The vet can give you metaclop in liquid form, i used to dribble it onto Alfred's pellets, let it absorb, or dribble onto grated carrot, I've not had to use it for a while (touch wood!) but the vet is happy for me to give this as and when.

Also - can you move his feed bowl further away?

Hope he feels better soon x

I will see how he does, and maybe ask about liquid metaclop. I could certainly be less obliging about placing his food bowl within reach of wherever he happens to be at mealtimes. I do worry that he might not know it is there becuase I really don't think he sees well (being a REW). Earlier tonight I moved a bowl that still had most of his tea closer to him, and he immediately ate it. I think he had forgotten about it.
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